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1. The first Step is to get 10 Individuals together who are desirous of forming a Society.

2. Provisional Committee should be formed and a chief Promoter should be elected from amongst them.

3. Name for the Society has to be selected.

4. An Application has to be made to the Registration Authority for reservation of Name and a letter to that effect has to be obtained confirming the reservation of Name. The name once reserved is valid for 3 Months.

5. The entrance fees and share capital has to be collected from the prospective members.

6. A Bank account has to be opened in the name of the proposed society as per the directions of the registration Authority. The entrance fees and share money has to be deposited in the bank account and the certificate from the bank has to be obtained in that respect.

7. The registration fees has to be deposited with the Reserve Bank of India and receipted 1challan thereof is to be obtained.

8. The application for registration of the society should be submitted to the Registrar of Societies of the concerned municipal ward. The documents to be submitted for registration are as follows :
a. Form No. A in quadruplicate signed by 90% of the promoter members
b.List of promoter members
c.Bank Certificate
d.Detailed explanation of working of the society.
e.4 copies of proposed bye-laws of the society.
f.Proof of payment of registration charges.
g.Other documents like affidavits, indemnity bonds, any documents specified by the Registrar also have to be submitted.

9. The Registrar will enter the particulars in register of application maintained in Form “B” and give serial number and issue receipt in acknowledgment of the same.

10. On registration, the Registrar will notify the registration of the Society in the Official Gazette and issue Registration Certificate.

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Biodata, Resume and CV

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